quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012

Four Days in NYC - Day 1

Sorry, but the future posts will be in English.

Once upon a time was a girl who decided to go to NYC.

On Wednesday my trip to the United States began at 4:30 p.m. when I left the job.
Like everything in my life has a dose of complications, I missed the bus at 5p.m. and had to wait another hour for the next bus.

The bus passed at 6pm and took a huge turn, through the whole border of the southern, Santos Dumont airport, bus station to reach the international airport at 9 pm. I only had time to say goodbye to my mother and go to boarding would begin at 9:20 pm.

As Cláudia Sônia says, never again I'll travel on U.S. Airways.
The plane was very small, I was tight during long ten hour flight to North Carolina, where I had to go through immigration.

There I met Sullivan (user of one of my projects) and we were talking until we are called. He was going to Canada.

Ofical the immigration was amazed by how little time it would be in the United States, so I had to explain that it was a holiday in Brazil and I was not and on vacation. nevertheless, I was allowed to enter in U.S..

I ran to grab my backpack dispatch it again and go to the gate, after doing this, I sent an message to my father and asked him to tell my mother that I was well and hoped to go to New York.

I arrived at JKF airport at 10:47 am and waited for almost an hour to grab bag.
Okay, now was the moment of truth: Leaving the airport, take the AirTrain to Jamaica, switch to the subway and then walk to the hostel. You guys think it all worked out? Of course not!! We are talk about me! :D

I took the airtrain wrong, I had to get off after two stations to wait for the correct.
In the correct AirTrain now, I got off in the station, I paid and headed for the subway.

And this time I really felt in NY, since it was a woman with shorts listening and dancing to music on mobile.
I took the subway and got off in wrong station. I had to ask one of the guards as I did to get the blue line to uptown, and they explain me.

I came back to the platform, looked the map and got the other train. Google and the guards are for wimps.
I took the red line (3) and got down in 96th station, follow the Amsterdam avenue to the hostel. Was already 2:30pm.

I had to wait until 3:30 pm to finish cleaning and release the room. I could enter the room and take a bath there by 5 pm.

I connected in wifi and called my mom and we talked for about an hour, until a girl came into the room with two huge suitcases – I remembered of Cláudia. Hahahahaha.

I hung up and started talking to the girl - her name is Silvia - and found that she had been in New York and she decided to take me to know the city.

We laughed a lot with each other, because both had contract with shopping list

We walked down 101th Street to Broadway to catch the subway (how nice, had a station closer than the one that I used, I would have walked less) and go to 5th Avenue.

WOW!!! Is a HUGE avenue with many brand shops, like Apple, Tiffany and Co, A|X, GAP, and others.
When we pass by Louis Vuitton, the man opened the door for us to enter – super like Brazil, isn’t it?

We walk by Fifth Avenue and then took the subway to 34th Avenue  to go to B&H, where Silvia told me I could buy the camera more affordable.
Unfortunately, when we arrived the store was closed. No problems, I’ll be back another day.
We were very hungry and when we pass in front of Five Guys burgers we couldn’t resist. We come in and buy a burger and soda.

We back to the subway this time directed at such famous Times Square. I remembered of Piccadilly Circus in London.

In Times Square we went to some stores, such as Disney, Hersey’s, M&M's and Forever 21. This last, had various fashion clothes totally there to NYC. Silvia experienced a shorts.

We try to find the subway to go back over and we lost a kitten came all willing to help us.

We headed to the subway station and went to 86th Avenue, to which the republic where Silvia was the last time. There I met a friend of hers and then come back to the subway and went to the hostel.

Silvia and I arrived at the bedroom and the other girls had already been all sleeping. We took our stuff and we gone to the living room, where were an Egyptian who had begun pulling matter with Silvia.

The man were all interested in her even amid of a topic about Brazil, he asked how old was she. Her answer was the best ever!!! Kkkkkkkkkk.. She replied that it was a four days holiday of in Brazil. And she continued as if the question had never been made. I said she was rolling up the man, but she did not listened.

When we return to the bedroom, I told her what happened and we both laughed a lot. Shortly after she has posted in facebook.

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