sábado, 22 de março de 2014

Ordenação Diaconal 2014

22 de março de 2014, às 06h00min no horário de Brasília e mais uma vez tenho o prazer de ver um amigo ser ordenado a Diácono.

Um amigo que conheci anos atrás durante os anos de faculdade. (Vixe!! Estou ficando velha).

Agora terei que refletir antes de falar, para conseguir chama-lo de “Senhor”. RSRSRS

Apesar de só conhecer o Igor, fico muito feliz por todos os demais que junto à suas famílias, celebram este sublime momento em que se caminham para o diaconato.

Para mim, este é o momento  mais bonito, onde eles se deitam no chão e é feito o juramento, enquanto se canta a Ladainha de Todos os Santos.

O bispo impõe suas mãos sobre eles, e assim, chegamos ao momento central da celebração, onde eles se tornam Diáconos da Santa Madre Igreja.

E agora, recebem a Dalmática, que é a veste própria do Diaconato.
Tão bonito ver todos sorrindo, felizes, e eu chorando de emoção!! hahahahahaha

Momento em que recebem o Evangelho de Cristo.

Olha ele aí, já com a Dalmática, e após ter recebido o Evangelho, agora Diácono Igor!

É encerrada a Missa!

Uma pausa para a foto oficial.

E agora Diácono Igor, com seu sorrisão aberto como sempre!! :)

Pausa para a entrevista!

Diácono chique é outra estória!! hahahaha

Ri muito neste momento, Diácono Igor começa a falar com sua família, faz agradecimentos e dá a benção em.... Espanhol!!!!!! Hahahaahhah

É muita emoção!!!

Opa, mais um brasileiro dando entrevista!!!
É o Díacono Alan Vieira de Nikity!!!

E ainda tem também os Diáconos Guilherme Silva e Diácono Paulo Cesar, todos do estado do Rio de Janeiro!!

Parabéns a todos!

imagens obtidas durante a transmissão pelo site: www.ceibidasoa.org

segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014

A report about the insecurity in the bus rio de janeiro.

Everybody does several promises later in the year, the only one I did was for 2014: Be Happy!
Simple, right? Not even a little!

I live far from where I work; 70 km of distance to be more precise.

I need to take a bus and tube to get into the job every single day.

I get what we call executive bus, because they are more comfortable as I pass approximately two hours inside it.

Lately  this kind of bus began to have frequent assaults.

Always begin the same way : a group of guys always enter the site, known as Leopoldina , located in the port area of Rio de Janeiro .

After the bus start following your itinerary and enter your exclusive track - which has more stops oniubs - the individuals announce that the bus is being assaulted , asking all the curtains shut and the driver did not make any sudden movements and let's keep the interior lights off .

I had never experienced this in my life , and I confess , the experience is traumatic to today , six years later.

It was a Monday, around 7pm . I had bought my wallet, watch and purse the day before , when I went to a mall with my mom .

My injury ? About 1056 reais (about $ 528), and a fear that lasted for months to get into the bus again.

I bought a new phone and a wallet like the previous one, we were taken into another assault on the same bus line, performed the same way.

About four years later, on January 7 this year, after sitting in the tranquility of the bus and have done my daily prayer, the bandits announced that the bus was being robbed.

I was sitting on the first bench, I spent approximately one hour at the point of one of them, while three "were doing ​​clean" on passengers.

They took watches, alliances, cell phones, money, backpacks and our peace!

I started to trying other transport to get from work to home.

I pick up the metro to Ipanema in Botafogo, where exchange line and follow to the station in Coelho Neto.

In Coellho Neto, expect more than an hour by the bus to complete the journey to where I live in Campo Grande.

This entire route is done standing, in an extremely crowded transport, and no air conditioning - which in a city like Rio de Janeiro, is something really bad.

After nearly a month in this routine, I am very exhausted and let my tiredness speaking louder on Thursday, Feb. 27.

I left the subway and called my mother said I was too tired and needed to go by bus, so it would at least sitting up at home. She asked me if I was sure, I said yes, and she ended by saying "Come with God.".

I arrived at the bus stop and did not have any, I turned again to my mother and said that should not have been there, but it was too late, the way was waiting for the bus.

I waited a while and nothing came just what goes into another road, but I waited a bit and told my mother what was going on himself, since he had no way of being sure what would get would be long.

I looked at the passengers and everything seemed very quiet, I sat down next to a gentleman, put the phone on silent and put it away.

I felt the device vibrate, but not caught, needed to pay attention to who was entering the bus.

At certain bus stop, the gentleman who was at my side was very tensed, what caught my attention and I immediately thought that he also should have been robbed.

Then I opened my backpack , and without taking anything into it , I opened my wallet and went quietly playing cards inside the backpack .

You put your backpack under the seat and I started to feel a pang .

I looked all who entered leopoldina , but they were people who had never seen .

Two guys caught my attention along the way , they were standing near the wheel , but were worried , always going down to see where the bus was going . They looked at each other and looked at the back of the bus .

When we got close to the work of Transbrasil , one of them moved the backpack , and I only had time to look at the woman who was standing beside me and shake their heads when they shouted " Lost ! Here This is a robbery ! Otherwise pass all 'll blow this whole shit ! "

I still dont know how I can keep calm in these situations. The fourth time on the same bus, the second in just over a month.

If someone kills one of these marginal, the human rights appear here to defend them. If the population ties and beats, we are savages. Therefore, there is nothing you can do to defend themselves. But where human rights to ask if I need something, when I can not sleep reliving each of these assaults, or when I have severe pain in the legs to come on foot for three hours to get home. Do I have the right to only buy things to give bandits?? 

The insensitivity of some people is too much: many are knowing what happened and did not even ask if you're okay, just go to the question "what led?" or "why you did not do anything? because not descended from the bus?"

However, I thank for very few people who have asked how I am, if I suffered any physical aggression. I will not quote names because this post will be sent on twitter to major newspapers worldwide. Even this is why it was written in English and not in Portuguese, because in Brazil nobody will do anything at all.

Here's a list of things I missed these robberies: 
- Nokia N95 
- Nokia 6131 
- Nokia Lumia 920 
- Motorola W375 
- Watch Montecarlo 
- Orient watch (gift from my friend) 
- Money (can't remember the exact amount)
- Two portfolios Uncle K 
- My sleep 

My wish? Permanently leave Brazil.

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